Audiences Creation

Building Effective Audience

The first step to creating personalized experiences is defining your audience segment.

Create your personalized audience in just a few clicks. This article focuses on how you can define your own custom audience segment using Fibr's personalization campaign

Creating Custom Audience for Inbound Personalization

Step 1 -

From the Personalization icon in Navbar, click "Create Personalization Campaign"

Step 2 -

The campaign details of desired campaign will open up. Click on Select / Create Audience

Step 3 -

The following screen will open up. Click on Add new rule to define an audience.

To define a rule, refer to the different rules and attribute types below -

Audience Creation Rules

You can use multiple attribute types and define rules to create your audience. As you are creating your audiences, remember that larger audiences will reach significant results more quickly. It may be better to start with a wider audience personalization, test out your hypothesis and narrow it down later.

Fibr allows you to creae audiences basis -

  1. UTM Parameters

  2. Location & Timezone

  3. Visitor - New vs Repeat Vistor

  4. Browser & Broswer Language

  5. Operating System

Using UTMs to create Audiences

You can make "Landing Page for Every Ad" by adding certain utm parameters in your ad.

Simply select the utm parameter and add the utm term next to it.


For a Facebook Ad, where you are experimenting with two images, and want to two different landing pages, you can define the following audience -

Don't forget to save your audience, once finalized.

Advanced Segmentation Techniques - Location, Device, Browser etc

You have the option to make your audience rule logic more complex by adding new containers. You can define the audiences basis

  1. Location - Country / State

  2. Device Type - Mobile /Desktop / Tablet

  3. Browser Type - Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge / Opera / Internet Explorer

  4. OS Type - Windows / MacOS/ iOS / Linux / Android

For this simply choose the desired rule, and the desired parameter from the drop down.

Defining Custom Behavioural Audiences - No of Visits, etc.

You can also define your audience segment basis their behaviour and previous interactions with your website.

For example, if you wanted to capture “New Visitors" OR “Visitors opening your website for the 3rd time”, you could build a segment like this.

  • Simply select rule parameter "New Visitor" and choose if you want it to be "True / False". Choose "True" if you want to create it only for New Vistors and "False" if you want to create a personalization for repeat visitors.

  • To define audience basis No. of Visits, simple select rule parameter "No. of visits of user" and choose whether you want no of visits more than / less than / equal to "X" (X is the no of visits - 2,3,...etc.)

Saving Audience Rules

Step 4 -

When you are happy with your audience definition, click "Save Audience" to proceed.

You are done! Once your audience is created, you can start creating a personalization campaign. For more information on creating a Fibr personalization campaign see our guide here.

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