Creating personalized page by visitor's use case

What is landing page personalization by visitor's use case?

Landing page personalization based on a visitor's use case involves tailoring the content and presentation of a website's landing page to provide a more relevant and customized experience for users based on their reasons for visiting the site.

When should you consider this type of personalization?

If the value proposition changes or relevant features change by use case, you should personalize your landing page for each audience segment.


Before Personalization:

Various ads showcasing different aspects of farm land loans lead to a same, generic landing page.

After personalization:

Each ad is strategically linked to a specific landing page tailored to the visitor's unique use case, ensuring a customized and relevant experience for every visitor interested in farm land loans.

What all to personalize to create pages by visitor's use case?

  • Headlines and subheadings:

Write headlines and subheadings that directly address the visitor's specific need or interest.

  • Images and videos:

Use images, videos, and infographics that visually represent the value proposition and resonate with the target audience's cultural context.

  • Calls to action (CTAs):

Make CTAs clear and actionable, ensuring they align with the desired outcome of the visitor's use case.

How to implement?

To create personalized pages by visitor’s use case with Fibr, visit this guide.

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