Using GTM for Analytics on Fibr

Fibr provides steps to connect your Google Tag Manager account with Fibr. This allows you to easily duplicate and use your existing tags for tracking user interactions on the personalized variations

In order to set up analytics with GTM, the first step is to integrate GTM with Fibr. We provide a detailed guide for the same here.

Once you have successfully created the data layer you can proceed to set up tracking with GTM on Fibr.

On the third step of the Fibr GTM Tool you see a split window of Google Tags which are present in your GTM container. Here, you can select the tags, which you wish to track on Fibr’s dashboard.

Once you have selected the tags, Fibr GTM Tools creates duplicate tags for the selected ones, with Fibr’s modified version of the same tag. For example, say you have a GTM Tag with a name as Track_Conversion, the duplicate tag will be created with a name similar to fibr_Track_Conversion.

The duplicate tag is created for the following reasons :

  • No impact on your existing tag : Fibr does not alter your existing GTM tags in any way so that your current tracking is not affected

  • No 1st first party data flows back to Fibr : Any custom logic or data of your customer, that you are leveraging in your GTM Tag won’t be duplicated and the computed data never flows back to Fibr. For the sake of transparency, instead of creating abstracted Fibr GTM Tag templates, we have kept the tag processing logic open which can be easily viewed once the duplicate tag is created by the Fibr GTM integration. The duplicate tag is created to replicate the trigger event conditions, which when happens will fire both the original tag and Fibr duplicate tag.

Note : If you are updating any of your existing tags, please ensure to re-run this tool so that the Fibr’s duplicate tags are also updated based on the existing tag logic.

Once the tags are created and published, all the tags which you have selected, will be tracked and their count and other standard computations for that tag, will be visible on your respective Fibr Performance Dashboard.

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