Performance Reports

Fibr provides a performance dashboard for each of your campaigns. You can view the performance of your campaigns and track metrics created from editor or metrics from your connected GTM account.

Accessing Reports Page

To access the reports click on the campaign name from the personalization list page.

Note: Reports are only available for campaigns which have been published at least once. Campaigns in draft status do not have a reports page.

Adding metrics to the report

Once on the reports page you can choose which metrics to view by clicking on the '+' icon on the table.

In the popup that opens up you can select which metrics to add to the report. You can choose both metrics created on the Editor as well as metrics from GTM account in this list and add them to the report. Here's how the report will look after you have added metrics.

Viewing Conversions and Conversion Lift

For every metric you add to the report you can see the conversion % and lift %.

In order to see conversion % click once on the column header of the metric whose conversion rate you want to see

In order to see lift % click once on the column header of the metric whose lift you want to see. (Click here to see what is conversion lift). Please note that lift is available only for personalizations where holdout is enabled

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